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05.12.17- Discussion with Michael Szabados, COO of NetScout

Language: English

Speaker: Michael Szabados, COO of NetScout

Title: Discussion about a successful business career-path in the US

About our Guest:

“I attended the Fazekas mathematics program in Hungary, continuing my studies at the technical university, focused on communications. However, I left the country after four years, in 1975. During this time, I will note as a point of interest, I also spent nearly a year in a refugee camp in Germany, alongside my wife. I have completed my engineering studies at the University of California – Irvine in the United States.

I began my engineering career at Intel, as a design engineer. I had the great fortune of working alongside Andy Grove, even if not directly, and I was present for the release of the 8086 microprocessor architecture, which I helped standardize against the competing Z80 chip, as well as against Motorola’s efforts in the field. A few years later, I joined the Ethernet design group at the height of the development of computer networking, as a product manager, and from this point onward, I remained in the business of networking. From 1986 to 1990, I was the chief of networking at Apple, directly contributing AppleTalk, AppleShare and many other networking products of the era.

I became the head of product marketing at SynOptics (later Bay Networks), once more involved with an important technological milestone: the emergence of mature and modern client-server computing.
I currently work at a company called NetScout, where I serve as COO (Chief Operating Officer), having joined almost two decades ago. We’re listed on NASDAQ as NTCT, and have an annual turnover of $1.2 billion, up from just $30 million when I started at the company. Our company serves governments and the world’s largest companies, among them cellular service providers, securing their IT infrastructure against cyber attacks and system disruptions.”