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02.15.19: Kovács István: Inferring interactions in biology

Language: English

Speaker / Előadó : Kovács István, PhD

Title / Cím :Inferring interactions in biology

About our Speaker / Az előadóról:
István Kovács is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Complex Networks Research. He is working on bridging the gap between structure and function in complex systems. He is developing novel methodologies to predict the emerging structural and functional patterns in a broad spectrum of problems ranging from systems biology to quantum physics, in close collaboration with experimental groups.

About the talk / Az előadásról:

Life emerges from a complex interplay of molecular interactions. Despite exceptional experimental efforts to map out the underlying interactome, the inherent data incompleteness limits our ability to understand the molecular roots of human disease. In the talk I will show how to fight data incompleteness and biases with novel computational methods, leading to experimentally testable, large-scale predictions. Besides molecular interactions, our approach can reliably predict a broad spectrum of functional associations, including disease associations, pathway annotations and genetic interactions, as well as toxic and synergistic drug combinations.


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