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Korábbi esemény: 2019. november 26: Moliere: Mizantróp

11.08.2019 – Gergely Zimanyi: Life at the Intersection of Physics, Medicine and Law

Language / Nyelv : Angol / English

Speaker / Előadó : Professor Gergely Zimanyi, Physics Department, UC Davis

Title / Cím : Life at the Intersection of Physics, Medicine and Law

About our Speaker / Az előadóról:


Gergely Zimanyi joined the UC Davis Physics Department in 1989. His studies include high temperature superconductors, vortices, glasses and strongly interacting systems. His current interests focus on problems in basic sc v c ience that impact our lives more directly including new generations of magnetic recording systems, new and more powerful magnets for hybrid cars and memristors, the revolutionary new micro-devices that may completely redefine the architecture of computers, bringing them closer to our own neural networks. In recent years, he has developed a strong research program into nano-structured solar cells which promise to increase the efficiency of solar energy conversion.

About the talk / Az előadásról:

This talk will review my adventures in three interrelated areas: (1) Physics research, focused on renewable energy problems, including solar cells and hybrid cars; (2) Medical innovations emerging from the applications of femtosecond lasers in eye surgery, the subject of the 2018 Nobel prize in physics; and (3) Patent law, a powerful tool to protect America’s most valuable product: discoveries and inventions. — In the field of solar cells, new ideas will be reviewed that promise to increase the efficiency of solar energy capture and conversion. Another interesting emerging area is the study of long-term solar cell degradation: degradation science is in its infancy, in spite of its central relevance in evaluating and pricing solar energy as a mature energy source. In the field of medicine, the discovery and development of femtosecond lasers by 2018 Nobelist Georges Mourou in the late 80s was followed by intrepid researchers adapting these lasers for eye surgery by developing the LASIK technology. By now millions of people have undergone such vision correction. Subsequent efforts adapted femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery as well, the most common surgical procedure in the US. In the field of patent law, the path will be described how can a physicist develop competence to protect American inventions, and how can himself start contributing to the exciting life of start up companies.


Korábbi esemény: 2019. november 3: Vadrózsák – táncház

Korábbi esemény: 2019. november 2: Belvárosi Betyárok – családi koncert